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A Youth Ministry Reader

I recently posted a Gospel-Centered reader, and I thought it would be helpful to post a youth ministry reader with several articles from The Gospel Coalition as well. Though I am not a youth pastor, I lead a high school small group at our church and I often have the privilege of preaching to high school students. So from time-to-time I think about youth ministry from a gospel-centered,  theologically-informed, and culturally-engaged perspective. Whether you are a pastor, youth pastor, small group leader, or a parent, I hope these articles will be helpful.

  1. Give Up the Gimmicks, Youth Pastors – Brian Cosby
  2. A Brief History of Youth Ministry – Dave Wright
  3. MTD: Not Just a Problem with Youth Ministry – Brian Cosby
  4. Youth Ministry’s Tendency Toward Legalism – Cameron Cole
  5. Why Theology and Youth Ministry Seldom Mix – Cameron Cole and Dave Wright
  6. Why We Need Youth Ministry – Paul Martin
  7. Two-Dimensional Youth Ministry – Dave Wright
  8. Why Youth Stay in Church When They Grow Up – Jon Nielson
  9. Family First in Youth Discipleship and Evangelism – Jon Nielson
  10. Youth Ministry Done Well for the Benefit of the Church – Jon Nielson
  11. The Millennial Generation’s Acceptable Sin – Barton Gingerich

Staying Word-Centered

Has it really been almost a month since I’ve blogged? I apologize.

Here’s a great paragraph from Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis about staying word-centered and gospel-centered:

Imagine you are teaching the Bible to a group of young teenagers. Most of them are not taking a bit of notice. You have worked hard to be both true to the text and relevant to the youngsters. But they are just flicking pieces of paper at each other. It might be tempting to play some games to show that Christians can have fun too or to sing more songs so they will encounter God in the music. It is moments like these that we need to hold on to the conviction that God is known and God works through the words of Jesus. Christian ministry must be gospel-centered (p. 24).