Tag: Widows

  • 6 Ways to Be Middle Class and Mission-Minded

    Here are six straightforward ideas to challenge middle (and upper) class Americans to reject opulence and excess while building the kingdom of God: Keep your high paying job and give the majority of your income away by living in a small house (not every kid deserves their own room) and driving modest cars (Chevy gets…

  • BEAM Africa

    Part 7 in a 10 part series. View series intro and index.

  • Widows, Remarriage, and Gospel Community

    My sister asked me yesterday about 1 Timothy 5 and Paul’s rules for remarriage.  I had never really “studied” this passage before, but I figured I’d post my thoughts here in case some of you had questions as well.  She and her fiance emailed me this question: We both understand that basically Paul is saying…

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