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Brit Hume to Tiger: Drop Buddha and Get Jesus


Piper on How to Break Free From the Addiction to Entertainment

I think that there are more Christians addicted to entertainment than we think (and more than would admit).  I think to some extent, obviously, we are all addicted to entertainment.  Piper offers some thoughts on how to break free from this very common addiction.


Top 10 College Football Moments since 1984

My apologies for being a day late on this one.  I amended this one, though.  In honor of college football starting this past weekend, I’m going to put the top 10 college football moments since I’ve been alive. I won’t comment much, but I did provide a YouTube link for each one so you can watch and judge for yourself.

10.  Vince Young Scores to Win Title – On 4th and 5, Vince Young runs to the corner of the end zone to beat USC in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl.

9.  Appalachian State Takes Down the Big House – The small D-1AA school beats Michigan on its home field last year.

8.  Williams Passes Dorsett – Ricky Williams scores a touchdown on his record breaking run in 1998.

7.  Wide Rights/Left – It seems as if Florida State doesn’t know how to kick field goals against Miami.  (The song in the video is kind of eerie).

6.  Boise State’s 2-point Conversion – You have to give props for the statue of liberty.  The Broncos over the Sooners in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

5.  Colorado-Michigan – Kordell Stuart to Michael Westbrook to jump start Colorado’s season in 1994.

4.  “Hello Heisman” – Desmond Howard’s punt return against Ohio State in 1991.

3.  The Run – Tommie Frazier breaks 8 tackles en route to a 75-yard touchdown against Florida in the ’96 Fiesta Bowl.

2.  Flutie’s Hail Mary – Boston College over Miami on a last second pass from Doug Flutie to Gerald Phelan in 1984.

1.  The Miracle in Missouri – I”m a bit biased.  Scott Frost to Matt Davison to keep the Huskers’ dream of a title alive in ’97.  I cried before this play…and afterward.


Top 10 Sitcoms in the 90s

10.  Full House The show had great family lessons and values.  It was actually pretty funny as well (at least when I was younger).  Too bad every family couldn’t resolve their problems in 30 minutes or less.

9.  Frasier – This spin-off of Cheers is usually in the Top 5 in people’s lists, but I never watched the show.  I do like Kesley Grammer, however.  The few episodes I did watch were funny…especially the father.  You gotta love old, senile men who have nothing better to do than give their sons a hard time.

8. Family Matters – There is a Steve Urkel in all of our hearts.  If anyone’s heart didn’t melt when the show ended and Steve and Laura ended up together, then you are cold and unemotional.  The show dealt with some tense themes from time to time, but had quite a warm feeling overall.

7.  Coach – Not wildly successful, but still a great sports sitcom with Craig T. Nelson and Jerry Van Dyke.  From Minnesota to Florida, Coach Fox won and showed everyone how to have fun doing it.

6.  Saved by the Bell – Let’s just admit it right now.  We all watched the show.  Be honest.  Zach Morris was a stud and we all knew that he and Kelly would end up together.  And, if for no other reason that the size of Zach’s cell phone, this show should be on the list.

5.  Boy Meets World – By the time the show ended, Corey Matthews was no longer a boy.  In fact, he was married.  The show had great one-liners and the main female star was named “Topanga”–how cool is that?

4.  Friends – This show had the most caring, loving, and compassionate group of friend that TV has ever seen.  One knock against it: it was set in New York and I’m pretty sure I never saw a black person.  Oops.

3.  Home Improvement – What time is it?  Tool Time!  Who wouldn’t like watching a show where the star makes a fool of himself and never correctly interprets his neighbor’s wise advice?  Tim Allen got his start here and gave himself instant credibility as a great comedy actor.

2.  Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Will Smith showed his incredible talent as an actor during this show’s run.  He was goofy, smooth, and “fresh,” all in one.  Besides, if nothing else, this sitcom showed that black people can in fact live in Bel-Air.

1.  Seinfeld – The show created its own culture.  How man “Seinfeld-isms” do you hear on a daily basis?  Probably handfuls.  From Kramer’s antics, to George’s obsessions, to Eileen’s paranoia, to Jerry’s issues with women, this show is an all-around “10.”  Plus, it’s the show about nothing, how could it not be the best?