The Gospel Coalition Network

I just joined The Gospel Coalition Network (TGCN).  The technology used is a free version of The City,  that was created by Mars Hill.  TGCN is a growing fellowship of Christian churches, organizations, and individuals who are committed to a certain kind of ministry —  that which is biblically-faithful and gospel-centered.

The idea behind this is that it would be a real community instead of simply a “virtual community.”  For example, you can join a certain group in your area with the hope of meeting people face-to-face.  There are opportunities to share prayer requests and practical needs, and there is a marketplace for private buying and selling.

You might ask, “How is this different than Facebook?”  Well, first, it’s a network of believers who are committed to gospel-centered ministry.  Second, it’s a tool that can hopefully be brought into many gospel-centered churches around the world so people are more connected to each other within their own congregation.

As someone who hopes to serve in pastoral ministry, you can never network enough.  I’m still learning the tool, and doubt it’ll be something I log onto daily, but I trust that it will be useful to some extent.  Feel free to join and then add me.  Thinking about this, as I get further along into ministry, and as TGCN grows, this probably will be more useful to me personally than Facebook.

To join, simply follow the links: