Blacklight by Tedashii

I am excited about this.  Tedashii releases his new studio album “Blacklight” on May 31.  It is now available for pre-order. If you order today you will get a free instant download of Tedashii’s first single “Riot” featuring Lecrae, C-Lite, Shane & Shane, PRo, KB,  and many more.  You can pre-order the CD, CD Deluxe, Vinyl, Blacklight Package Deal, or the Blacklight Deluxe Package Deal. Click HERE to pre-order.

Most of you who subscribe to this blog are probably not rap fans. I’ll forgive you. You might think it’s awful music or incoherent or something elese. What is special about this album, and all others from Reach Records, is that they are theologically informed and Reformed, lyrically creative, culturally relavant, and musically masterful.

I’ve seen Tedashii and other Reach Records artists in concert and I can tell you that these men love Jesus, the gospel, the Bible, people, and missions. They are the real deal. What better musicians to support?

Check out the promo video for the single “Riot”:

To find out more about Blacklight check the video “The Message”.


“Make War” by Tedashii

Here’s a 40-second sample of Tedashii’s song “Make War,” on his new album Identity Crisis, which was released today.  The speaking at the beginning is from John Piper in his sermon “How to Kill Sin.”


Identity Crisis by Tedashii

The sophomore album from Tedashii, Identity Crisis, drops on May 26.  I’ve been blessed to get a sneak-peak at the album courtesy of Reach Records.

This is a true concept album, centering on the human crisis known as sin and the only true solution found in Christ.  In general, the album is very upbeat and fast-paced.  Tedashii even enlists all the 116 clique members — Lecrae, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka — as well as Flame and Stephen the Levite.

The album begins with a scintillating piece on piano, and a very poetic intro as Tedashii tells us that our true image, the “imago dei,” has been tarnished by our sin.  “I Work” picks up on this and reveals that restoring this image doesn’t come through work, but by faith in Christ.  Track 4, “26s,” is an up-tempo call to flee materialism (based on Lecrae’s “The King,” from Jesus Musik).  Tracks 6, 9, and 14 make up a short story series that communicates the journey of a Christian starting with “We Fell,” moving to “Adoption,” and finishing with “Church.”

Tedashii turns up the heat on track 7 with “Make War.”  The song starts with a “sermon jam” featuring audio by John Piper from his sermon “How to Kill Sin.” For me, this was the signature track on the album.  Christ solves our identify problem by his power, not so that we become exempt from the war, but so that we can attain victory in the fight.  In righteous violence against his sin, Tedashii sings, “Break with me, break with me…’cause sin never sleeps, it’s got me in a trench, you can see it in my dreams.  Man I beat my flesh to the death, every breath like I beat my chest.  Sun up, sun down…against lust, against pride, against me, ’til I die.”

“Fresh,” track 11, preaches Christ converting us to himself and washing our stained image free from sin.  The next track, “Thank You,” is a worship song proclaiming, “Thank you [Jesus] for saving my life.”

Bottom line: this album is incredibly Christ-centered and it’s doused with fluid poetry, intense beats, and radical calls to repentance and mission in a world with a terrible identity crisis.  In essence, it is a musically driven, urbanized sermon series on the story of redemption, focusing on God’s sovereign work in the life of the believer.

Pre-order the album today and it will be shipped immediately.


Go Hard or Go Home

Yesterday at Lincoln Berean Church, pastor Bryan Clark’s sermon was on sacrfice.  The focus was on sacrificing financially for the sake of ministries/churches that have a spiritual impact on you.  At the end of the message however, Bryan switched gears and simply talked about sacrificing your life.  He said he doesn’t know why anyone would want to work in ministry because of how hard it can be on you and your wife and family.  His point was that unless the Lord had specifically called him, he wouldn’t do it.  Then he said, finger pointing toward the congregation, “Everyone has that same call, it just looks differently for all of us.”

I couldn’t help but think of a song by Lecrae during Bryan’s sermon because nothing says hip-hop like a mega-church sermon in Lincoln, Nebraska.  On Lecrae’s new album Rebel there is a song called “Go Hard.”  In it, Lecrae challenges Christians to listen to the missionary call that God has put on his people.  We are compelled by Jesus to share his good news.  We must do it.  “Woe to us if we do not preach the gospel” (1 Cor. 9:16).

Go Hard (feat. Tadashii)

Lord kill me If I don’t preach the gospel
I’m still in my 20’s but I’ll die if I got to
Eh man I’m already dead- man forget my flesh
I done been crossed over, see the full court press
I’m a full court mess if the Lord don’t use me
Running from my trials thinkin’ everythangs groovy
If the Cross don’t move me then I don’t wanna breath no more
If I ain’t seeing Christ potna I don’t wanna see no mo
Rep Him every day without worrying about bruising
I been to china mayne I seen some real persecution
If U didn’t know Christ would ya life look the same
Can they tell you value Jesus by the way you rep his name?
man what’s the point of living if I’m living for myself
Lord empty out my life before I put you on the shelf
So for God I go hard I don’t wanna die tonight
But It’s too many people living who ain’t heard about the Christ

Read the whole song.