How to Decide When to Leave a Church

I was asked a question yesterday about when it would be okay to leave a local church to find a new church home.  Obviously, it should be on a case-by-case basis and one should be intensely seeking the Lord during the process.  I made a list of nine questions to consider and answer before leaving a church.  Perhaps you might find these helpful:

  • Is there an unrepentant immorality issue with one of the leaders?
  • Do the pastors, elders, and deacons meet the requirements that are found in 1/2 Timothy and Titus?
  • Do the pastors, elders, and congregation genuinely love Jesus and people?
  • Is the Bible taught and the gospel preached every weekend?
  • Is there a missional mindset, focus, and philosophy of: “We want to (and have a plan to) reach this community/city/state for Jesus.”
  • Am I getting fed weekly, invested in, and built up in Christ?  Does this place fuel my joy in Jesus?
  • Do I find opportunities to feed and serve others and build the kingdom here?
  • What is my heart’s motivation for leaving?  Will I leave speaking poorly of this congreation, tearing it down, or will I leave praying for them?
  • Am I just complaining for an excuse to leave or can I really and honestly do something positive to help the area(s) of concern I have?

Can you think of any others?


The Green Bible

This could be a joke.  But they are as serious as a train wreck.  Introducing the Green Bible: Understanding the Bible’s powerful message for earth.


Books I’ve Never Read or Finished

Sean Michael Lucas posted on this subject earlier today.  Lewis is a church history professor at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, so when I read his list, I didn’t feel bad about not finishing books I start.

Here’s my top 5 books I haven’t read (and should) or ones I’ve started but never finished (and should).

1.  Augustine, Confessions – Just like Lucas, it’s my on top.  I speak of Augustine and the book like I’ve read it.  Maybe I should read it soon.  I’ve only read the account of his conversion.
2.  Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress – John Piper says that after the Bible, this book is the most important book for a Christian.  I’ve read 42 pages and I need to start over.
3.  Packer, Knowing God – This book is a very difficult read.  I have a lot of underlines.  It’s about halfway finished.  I need to start it again, too.
4.  Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship – It’s on my shelf, but not on the radar.  No excuse for this one.
5.  Strobel, The Case for Christ – I recommend it all the time.  I’ve loaned it out.  Never read one page, though.  That’s lame.


Untitled 3 by Sigur Ròs

This is a video of “Untitled 3” by Sigur Ròs (titled as “Samskeyti” on Hvart/Heim). It is perhaps one of the most emotive and heart-stirring songs that I have ever heard.  It is now (after much thinking and deliberation), in my opinion, the finest Sigur Rós song ever written.  The artwork is from the band’s website.