True Joy is Found in Insignificance

This morning I read about Jesus feeding the five thousand and walking on water from Mark 6.  The disciples didn’t understand.  In fact, Mark says that their hearts were hardened.  What the disciples didn’t get was the fact that the God who created water, fish, bread, and the world was sitting and talking with them.

Then I began to think about molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons and the like.  I’m not scientific at all, but when you let your mind wander into the vast complexities of these invisible structures that make up the universe, you don’t feel important anymore.  Actually, I would argue that it’s impossible to think about such things and feel significant in yourself.

But I didn’t feel this way because of the atoms or protons themselves.  It’s ultimately the result of knowing and loving the infinite God who, with a single word, created those things and everything else — including me — in the universe.

That will make you feel small.  That will give you true joy.