Life Theology

Confessions of a 9 Year-Old Theologian

Theological perplexities are not supposed to happen to a 9 year-old.  At that age, you are meant to play with Legos, watch Saturday morning cartoons, and get excited about shoes that light up on the heels.  I had the latter in abundance.  But at times, the former showed up during long sleepless nights.

In 1993, I didn’t have a blog to confess to the world my problematic theology.  But I’m telling you now.  Let’s call it social networking transparency.

Deep breath, James.  Okay.  Here goes nothing.

There were times when I stayed awake for hours, desperately praying to God that I wouldn’t be that guy to get to heaven and then, like Lucifer, say, “I want to be God.”  I was afraid of going from heaven to hell in a heartbeat because of five words.  This prayer happened often over the course of a few months.  At some point, I stopped praying and believing that.  Looking back, I realize that God was gracious to cause me to face issues of election, perseverance of the saints, God’s unchanging nature, and his eternal love without knowing it.  In other words, he was creating a theologian.

My theology isn’t perfect today.  No one’s is.  But by God’s grace, I know a bit more than I did when I was nine.  Whoever is foreknown by God is also predestined, called, justified, and glorified (see Rom. 8:29-30).  He guarantees I’m eternally secure.

What thoughts did you have about God growing up that were a little “off”?


Desiring God Senior Director Queries President Obama

Here is a great open letter to President Obama by John Knight, Senior Director for Development at Desiring God.  Knight asks Obama some very legitimate questions about abortion.  Here are his three main questions:

  • When do we get to talk about how the behavior of men on virtually every measurable level has gotten worse since abortion was made legal across the United States? Men are more likely to leave women today, more likely to be abusive, less likely to care for the children they father, and less likely to consider the consequences of their sexual behavior. Up to 75% of marriages that have a disabled child end in divorce, and most of the time it is the man who walks away from his family. When do we get to talk about men being encouraged to act like men rather than petulant, irresponsible, selfish little boys?
  • When do we get to talk about the cultural expectation that a mother is expected to abort her baby with an identified disability in the womb? Doctors, nurses, social workers assume a diagnosis of downs syndrome or spina bifida means a woman should terminate the pregnancy. What do you call a 90% abortion rate, Mr. President? If it were babies of any ethnicity, you would rightly call it genocide. What do you believe about families in this situation, Mr. President?
  • Finally, Mr. President, you said yourself that “the strong too often dominate the weak.” Please explain to me, Mr. President, who is more weak and thus more worthy of your protection as the leader of the free world than a baby in his or her mother’s womb?

John Calvin on Abortion

From his Commentary on the Last Four Books of Moses:

For the fetus, though enclosed in the womb of its mother, is already a human being, and it is almost a monstrous crime to rob it of the life which it has not yet begun to enjoy. If it seems more horrible to kill a man in his own house than in a field, because a man’s house is his place of most secure refuge, it ought surely to be deemed more atrocious to destroy a fetus in the womb before it has come to light.

Speaking of Calvin, I’m going to post a bit on his life sometime next week (hopefully).  Most people know a lot about what Calvin taught, but few actually know about his life.  I’m one of those people so I’m excited to learn a bit more with you.  A lot of people mistakenly have called Calvin a cold, mean-spirited man who hated non-Christians.  The exact opposite is actually true.  He intensely loved the world and wanted everyone to know about the saving grace Jesus offers.  Hopefully the coming post will dispel some of those false stories.


Fifteen Pro-Life Truths

John Piper offers 15 wonderful truths about pro-life in order to persuade pro-choice people.  The best part about these truths is that they are not “Christian” or from the Bible.  They are truths that no one, in their right mind, should be able to argue with.

I’m getting married in less than a year and someday, Lord willing, I’ll be a daddy.  For me, as that becomes more and more of a reality, I cannot help but become more and more firm on this issue of protecting unborn children.  Pray for redemption and reconciliation and change with this issue.  God is working, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

It may be hard to see, but Jesus will have supremacy in everything, and abortion is not outside of everything.