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5 Tips for Topical Sermons

Justin Holcomb at the Resurgence gives this advice for pastors, especially in light of a special Sunday like Mother’s Day.

Number 5 is particularly helpful:

Your role is not to serve as a host for a special moment or to be an armchair critic of where our culture has goofed on motherhood or viewing women. You are a preacher of Good News. Proclaim the person and work of Jesus and his Gospel. The grace upon grace from Jesus (John 1:16) is the most relevant and needed thing for you to communicate.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Happy 25th Mother’s Day, Mom.  I love you!

I know you are in Minnesota and probably won’t see this until Monday.  But just as I did for Dad last year, I’m going to give you 25 reasons I’m thankful for you.

  1. You love Jesus.
  2. You respect, love, and cherish Dad with all your heart.
  3. You showed us how to read the Bible and pray.
  4. You showed me what a godly woman looks like so I knew what kind of woman to marry.
  5. You love the woman I am going to marry.
  6. You (and Dad) support me more than anyone in ministry both financially and prayerfully.
  7. Your personality is strong and independent, but you are one of the most loving and compassionate people know.
  8. You have a really awesome sense of humor and laugh at all of my lame attempts at humor.
  9. You work very hard in the home, and when we were young, the house was never disorganized or chaotic (and it’s still not).
  10. You are an amazing cook.
  11. You genuinely care for and love my friends even if it’s the first time you meet them.
  12. You were incredibly patient with me during a rough stretch from ages 18-20, but you never pushed me away and prayed for me everyday.
  13. You read (and edit) everything I write and always have positive feedback.
  14. You have an super-super spiritual gift of faith that I tend to borrow from time-to-time.
  15. You came to all of my baseball games when I was younger and though you were never discouraging, you were always honest.
  16. You home schooled me for one year because felt isolated and unloved at the school I was attending.  I never learned more in one year of school before or since.
  17. You’d cry with me when I cried, even if we had an argument and I was wrong (and knew it).
  18. You (sarcastically) offered me a lot of money to not go to South Africa, but told me I needed to go and hugged and kissed me goodbye.
  19. You never cease to get excited when I call home while I’m here in SA.
  20. You aren’t ashamed to shop and Wal-Mart and Dollar General and know how to practically make and keep a budget.
  21. You make DVD scrapbooks for your children, and some friends, for free.
  22. You invest into the spiritual, emotional, and familial lives women at MOPS (and stay up to date with them on Facebook).
  23. You are on Facebook.
  24. You always know exactly what is wrong when I have a problem with my computer and always have remedy.
  25. You will be the first person to offer to be a member when I am blessed to pastor a church, even if it’s not in the same state.