Tag: Morning and Evening

  • Spurgeon on Praying in the Spirit

    The seed of acceptable devotion must come from heaven’s storehouse.  Only the prayer which comes from God can go to God. Spurgeon’s five aspects of praying in the Spirit: Fervency: “Those who do not plead with fervency, plead not at all.” Perseveringly: “The longer the gate is closed, the more vehemently does he uses the…

  • Sunday Spurgeon

    From Morning and Evening: I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O LORD, I will make music. – Psalm 101:1 (ESV) Faith triumphs in trial. When reason is thrust into the inner prison, with her feet made fast in the stocks, faith makes the dungeon walls ring with her merry notes as…

  • Work Hard, Sleep Well, and Know that God’s Got it Under Control

    Let us fight as if it all depended upon us, but let us look up and know that all depends on Him. – Charles Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (April 20, evening)

  • Weekly Spurgeon

    I wanted to just post this short excerpt from Spurgeon’s June 1 devotional in Monring and Evening.  Let the weight of this statement flood your soul with great joy and delight in our awesome God.  You can read the full text here. Praise the Lord for the sun of joy when it rises, and for…

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