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  • Don’t Waste Your Life Music Video

    Desiring God and Lecrae have teamed up to produce the “Don’t Waste Your Life” music video.  The song is featured on Lecrae’s album Rebel.  Unfortunately, the video does not contain Dwayne Tryumf’s (British hip-hop artist) verse that is on the album.  Still, it’s a solid video. Enjoy.

  • Living the Wrong Dream

    Two weekends ago, I visited my future brother-in-law Ben in the Great White North of America (aka, the Twin Cities).  During the first day of our getaway, Ben’s dad took us boating on Lake Minnetonka.  It was relaxing, refreshing, and very humorous, as Ben watched two young boys that he “nannies.”  (I would come up…

  • GenY Missionary: Share the Gospel Without Even Leaving Your Computer!

    I just did a Google search of “gospel” and I saw, on the right sidebar, the “sponsored links” section.  The second link down said, “Spread the Gospel,” with the subheading, “Without leaving your computer sponsor a witness for Him now.” It’s bad enough that we have teenagers who sit in the living room full of friends…

  • Help Disaster Victims in China and Myanmar

    If you’d like to make a donation to help the victims in China or Myanmar, I’m sure you are aware of what you can do, but if not here are some links you can visit: World Vision Food for the Hungry Campus Crusade – China only Chinese Students at the University of Nebraska – Facebook Group

  • Can Christ-less Book Still Be Considered “Christian” Just Because a Pastor Writes It?

    I was at Kinko’s a few days ago and I saw Joel Osteen’s book in the company of many others that were about doing more than getting by financially and becoming wealthy.  I’m think the prosperity gospel is not a real gospel, but perhaps we should no longer call Osteen’s books or sermons “Christian” because,…

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