Providence and Repentance

Piper writes about the tornado that hit Minneapolis yesterday, the ECLA, and homosexuality.  All I have to say is “Wow.”

Ministry Theology

Desiring God National Conference Recap

I got home late last night from Minneapolis and the Desiring God National Conference.  The theme this year was “The Wonder of Words and the Power of God.”  It turned out differently than I had anticipated, but for good.  It certainly was not a let-down.

I won’t give a summary of each message, but I will direct you to Desiring God’s blog for more.  Links I would highly recommend are Piper’s five benefits of Christian eloquence, Paul Tripp’s thoughts on diagnosis and deliverance for communication woes, and Mark Driscoll’s advice to pray more than you criticize.

I hope you enjoy experiencing the conference from your home as much as I did in attendance!