CCEF 2008 Conference

The Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation is hosting their annual conference this November 14-16 at the Valley Forge Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The theme of this year’s conference is “The Addict in Us All.”  This should be a liberating time of learning how to experience the freedom from addiction that only Jesus can give.  If you are in the Philadelphia area (or can get there), this conference will be worth your time.

Speakers include Ed Welch, Mark Driscoll, David Powlison, and Tim Lane.

Register for the conference.




Jesus Didn’t Die so You Can Do Whatever You Want

I can’t believe that some people claim to be Christians and just do whatever the hell they want and say, ‘Jesus died for my sins’ and move on to do whatever the hell they want. Yeah, he did die for our sins. Do you understand what that was? Do you understand what that means? Do you understand how he suffered?

– Mark Driscoll

Christ paid the price on the cross so we can be dead to sins and live to righteousness.  And the only way it happens is by grace.  Grace is free, but it certainly isn’t cheap. 

Don’t live like you’ve inherited cheap grace.


The Messiness of Church

I think this is a great follow up video to what my sister wrote about a few days ago.  Church should always be messy.  I tend to pay attention to details and want my ducks to be in a row.  So, I take heed to what Driscoll says and I pray you will as well.


ESV Study Bible

When Jerry Bridges says, “The ESV Study Bible is the finest study tool I have seen in fifty years of Bible teaching,” you know it’s got to be good.  Mark Driscoll says it’s the best, “Period.”  Ah, Driscoll, he’s so refreshing.  Read his full review (where he’ll give us insight that it has nearly 1.1 million words of resources in addition to the 757,000 words in the Bible text itself–the equivalent to a 20 volume work!). 

If you pre-order it (it comes out October 15, 2008), then you’ll get 35% off.  As for me, I’m pumped about this.  I bought a Reformation Study Bible from R.C. and the guys at Ligonier last October, and I’m told that is the Lexus of study Bibles.  The ESV Study Bible, I guess, would be considered the Ferrari.  A little sleeker, a bit sexier, and much more fun to work with.