Three Lecrae Songs from Rebel

Here are three songs for you listening pleasure from Lecrae’s upcoming album Rebel that comes out on September 30.


(rebel) by Lecrae to be Released in September

Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae is set to release his third studio album this coming September.  Lecrae’s first two albums have been dynamite, but not just because it’s “Christian.”  Lecrae has quality rhymes and intense beats.  In my opinion, he’s the premier Christian hip-hop artists today and one of the better hip-hop artists around.

Here’s a short thesis of the album:

Join Lecrae in redefining “Rebel”. When you hear the word, what do you think of? Jesus was a Rebel in his day. He lived for something other than the pursuits of the popular culture of the day. He stood against traditions that pointed away from true worship, and instead presented an authentic picture of living for God.  Are you a Rebel?

You can pre-order the regular album here.  Or, you can pre-order the deluxe edition.


116 Clique: Good Rap, Better Theology

If you haven’t heard of 116 Clique, you are missing out.  They are a group of Christian rap artists under the Reach Records label.  Probably the most popular of the artists is Lecrae. 

What I love so much about these artists is the fact that their rap is not some cheesy Christian rap with bad rhymes and terrible sound.  They sound like secular rappers.  And that’s why I like them.  What’s better is that 116 (which comes from Romans 1:16) Clique is what I call “Reformed Rap.”  Interesting isn’t it?  You wouldn’t think that rap would have deep spiritual messages or solid biblical theology.  This stuff does and it’s good.

Take a look at some of the lyrics from Lecrae and Flame:

The Truth – Lecrae

We’re elected and chosen, predestined just to behold Him / Now I’ve got joy from my shoulders all down to my achilles’

The King – Lecrae

We talkin’ ’bout the Sovereign ruler, dawg…Yeah we talkin bout absolute sovereignty, who rules over the earth in it’s entirety, who will be back to reign! / Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus Christ is king of the kings.

Who Can Pluck Us Out His Hand? – Flame

I’m trying to tell you something you probably have never heard / And if you have you probably perceive them as dirty words / Words like election and predestination can get you stoned and thrown out of a congregation / But there in the Bible we gotta talk-talk about it…When Jesus died He drank the full cup of God’s Wrath / When He was crucified it was on our behalf, for all those the Father chose in eternity past / To be redeemed that simply means to be bought back / So when Christ expired the debt and the price was paid for particular people on that night to be saved / Now you wonder why would I say something like that?

On That Cross – Flame

You showed me which way to go / O, Lord, you even saved my soul…Father you were pleased to bruise your own Son / So sinners could come and be redeemed