I Speak American, Not English

Oxford has produced a dictionary of North American English, and its second edition has over 250,000 entries.  It’s called the “New Oxford American Dictionary.”  It’s a dictionary that has definitions for American words.

Here’s my point in that: I attended a rugby game here tonight in Pretoria, South Africa.  I was with Rylan, my fellow American teammate, as well as an Afrikaans friend.  As we talked about each of our country’s beloved sports, I couldn’t help but notice the difference in our vocabulary.  It took a sentence or two to describe what we meant; then we were square on our understanding of terms.

The problem was that he was speaking English.  I was speaking American.

If you are from America, you don’t speak English.  Let’s call it what it is.


Christians Don’t Talk Like Normal People

This Christianese-English dictionary is so sad, but true.

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War of Words by Paul Tripp

I started the book, War of Words by Paul Tripp today.  Tripp spoke this past weekend at Desiring God’s National Conference.  The book is subtitled, “Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles.”  More than anything, Tripp taught me during his message on Saturday that my communication problems come from within — not other people or situations.

In the first chapter, Tripp proposes that words belong to the Lord.  After all, God spoke first and the first words that a human ever heard were not from another human — they were from God.  Tripp writes so beautifully on how amazing it is that God speaks to us:

God, the sovereign Creator and Lord, spoke to Adam and Eve in words that they could understand!  Let the wonder of this grip you.  The infinite and almighty One makes himself knowable and understandable through human language!  From the moment of creation, God is not distant and aloof.  He is not hiding in silence.  He comes near and uses words to reveal himself and explain everything else.  God is not just a God who does, he is a God who speaks — powerfully, elaborately, consistently, comprehensively, and clearly to his people.  Each phase of his work is marked by his words.  He does not leave his people without a witness.

He is a God who can be known because he is a God he speaks.  Scripture presents him as the great standard for all communication (p. 9).