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  • South African Hodge-Podge

    Part 10 in a 10 part series. View series intro and index.

  • Social Networking Repentance

    My latest Tweet said this: Twitter repentance: The flesh wants to impress people by saying something memorable in 140 characters or less. Jesus died for that sin too. I think with blogging, the same can be true.  Sometimes I blog just to look cool and sound smart.  Other times I really do have a passion…

  • Four Reasons I Tweet

    This past week I’ve been experimenting with Twitter.  I’m going to continue with it — for these reasons (in no particular order): It can help with overcoming verbosity (which I often struggle with). It helps me quickly reflect on what God brings to my mind as the days goes on. I want to do my…

  • This Is Africa

    That’s pretty much our excuse for anything that goes “wrong” or doesn’t seem right.  Example: it takes quite  while to get internet installed in your apartment.  Two weeks, in fact. Nevertheless, our team is in South Africa, safe and sound.  Hopefully, on Tuesday we’ll get that WiFi installed.  Then, I’ll be able to blog on…

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