November = Christmas???

So is November 1st really the start of the Christmas season?  Did I miss the memo on that one?

It’s hard to get into the Christmas mood when it’s like this outside.


24 Reasons I Love My Dad

Because today is my Dad’s 24th Father’s Day, here are 24 reasons I love my dad.

I love you Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!

1.  He loves Jesus.
2.  He loves my mom.
3.  He unwaveringly leads, provides for, and protects our family.
4.  He understands that God’s will for my life is not always what he wants.
5.  He supports me in ministry — financially, prayerfully, and emotionally.
6.  He taught me how to swing a bat, throw a baseball, and shoot a basketball. 
7.  He works hard on the job and at home.
8.  He prays for Mom, my siblings, and me every day.
9.  He’s very clean and organized, and he showed me how to be like that.
10.  He plans amazing vacations and makes them fun.
11.  He takes me out to lunch (and pays) whenever he visits Lincoln.
12.  He didn’t give up on me when I was probably worth giving up on. 
13.  He’s never made me do one thing in my life; he simply gives strong advice to do what’s right. 
14.  He’s laid back and fun-loving.
15.  He tolerates us when we get a little crazy during family game time. 
16.  He exercises and eats well.
17.  He’s excited that I want to be a pastor and writer.
18.  He continually seeks the Lord for direction in his job and personal ministry.
19.  He enjoys music (and musicals!). 
20.  He’s not obsessed with making a lot of money, and he knows the importance of living practically.
21.  He serves without expecting to be repaid.
22.  He loves the outdoors, but is a city-slicker at heart (as am I). 
23.  He knows that he is far from perfect and freely admits it.
24.  He makes me want to be a great husband and father to my wife and kids.