The Koran-burning Guy

Terry Jones, a “pastor” in Florida, is going to host International Burn a Koran Day this Saturday, September 11. You can read more on their Facebook page.

I don’t want to take up space writing about what I think. What I can say is what my wife said this morning: “It’s because of people like this that people hate Christians.”  This is true.  This guy is a fool.  Is that unloving? No. Anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus and mocks, belittles, and disrespects other people to the degree he is qualifies as such.

I believe that Islam is wrong and that it is a barrier to people seeing Jesus Christ for who he really is. But that doesn’t mean we burn their Korans. It doesn’t mean we hate them. No, we love them. We invite them to talk about their book, and we also ask them to talk about ours.

I want to point you to a great post by Abraham Piper about this.  In my opinion, this is Abraham’s most thoughtful post ever, and he’s had some good ones.  Thanks Abraham for your clear, thoughtful communication.