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GenY Missionary: Share the Gospel Without Even Leaving Your Computer!

I just did a Google search of “gospel” and I saw, on the right sidebar, the “sponsored links” section.  The second link down said, “Spread the Gospel,” with the subheading, “Without leaving your computer sponsor a witness for Him now.”

It’s bad enough that we have teenagers who sit in the living room full of friends and text-message the ones in the kitchen.  It’s bad enough that blogs have become a pseudo-community for Christians who no longer “need” to go to a Bible study or seek face-to-face fellowship (not all of you, only some).  But, now, we are teaching people that it’s okay to not get up off your butt and spread the gospel with your mouth!  You can be a missionary — from the seat of your pants on the computer! 

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about giving money and supporting missionaries.  I am a missionary and have financial partners.  However, people who support me are also called to be a witness themselves.  What does the ad on Google communicate though?  To me, it communicates that you can sit at your computer, punch a credit card number in for a missionary you have never met and call it “missions” and “evangelizing.”

I’m sorry, but it is neither of those.  You know what it is?  It’s getting out of doing the dirty work.  It’s getting out of being in the mess of people’s lives and sharing and being the gospel with them.  It’s getting out of being the hands and feet of Christ to the impoverished and uneducated in third world countries and giving them a living hope for this life and the next one.  And honestly, that’s a tragedy.