A Church Leadership Reader

Church leadership is also known as “polity.” Polity is the old, technical word for a form government. In a church context, it refers to the management, organization, and structures of authority (i.e. leadership). Here are several articles I have found helpful when it comes to church leadership/polity.

  1. What is the relationship between the elders and the church? – Mark Dever
  2. What is the difference between church elders and church staff? – 9Marks Q&A
  3. Leadership and Church Size Dynamics – Tim Keller (PDF)
  4. Elder Responsibilities – Bethlehem Baptist Church Elders
  5. Willing and Eager Pastoral Care and Governance – Tim Johnson
  6. The Value of Humble, Gospel-Centered “Lay” Elders – J.D. Greear
  7. Does an Unbelieving Child Disqualify an Elder? – Justin Taylor
  8. What is an Executive Pastor? – Sutton Turner
  9. Elders, Pastors, Bishops, and Bethlehem – Desiring God
  10. Are you building healthy systems? – Ed Stetzer
  11. Our Church’s Transition to Plurality of Elders – Jared Wilson
  12. Governance – Mars Hill Church
  13. How to Run an Elders’ Meeting – Andrew Davis
  14. Rethinking the Governance Structure at Bethlehem Baptist Church – John Piper
  15. What Did Deacons Do? – John Piper
  16. What relationship do elders have with the congregation? – John MacArthur
  17. You Asked: Does an Unbelieving Child Disqualify an Elder? – Justin Taylor
  18. 4 Things I Want to Know About My Staff – Craig Groeschel

More on Multi-Site and Bigger Buildings

Back on June 6, I shared some thoughts about multi-site churches.  Now, on the Gospel Coalition blog, there is a conversation going on about churches and buildings. Whether you are a pastor or a lay-person in the church, it’s good to be thinking about these things.

David Platt: Should Churches Spend Money on Nice Buildings

David Gobel: Reforming Church Architecture

J.D. Greear: We Want to Stay Light and Mobile, Flexible and Ready

Matthew Lee Anderson: Buildings Matter Because Bodies Matter


Michigan Megachurch Goes Egalitarian

Here’s an interesting story on Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Rob Bell, Emergent Church guru, is the pastor there and it seems as if he has stepped further across the line against the sufficiency and authority of Scripture as they now allow women elders in the church.