Pour Out Your Indignation Upon Them

I was in the Twin Cities area this weekend and on Saturday I had the privilege of visiting Bethlehem Baptist in downtown Minneapolis to hear John Piper preach.  He’s preaching through a series of Psalms right now and this past week he spoke on chapter 69.  You can read or listen to the sermon here.  Psalm 69 is about cursing our enemies and what that actually means.

On Sunday night, driving back to Lincoln, there was a sweet application of the sermon.  One of my friends with me told me that his roommates hated me.  “They say all you do is preach at them,” he said.  That’s funny, considering I don’t know these guys very well at all and have never had a spiritual conversation with them.  So, thanks to Psalm 69 and the truths that Piper spoke, I was able to forgive them, shrug it off, and pray that God would change their hearts.  I am not called to hate them back.  I am called to love, forbear, and forgive.

Romans 12:19 says, “‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay,’ says the Lord.”  O, that I will always leave matters into the Lord’s hands and not try to get even with my enemies.