Galatians for You Review

Tim Keller. Galatians for You. Good Book Company, 2013. $15.63 (on Amazon). 199 pp.

Galatians For You

In his newest book, Galatians for You, Tim Keller wants readers to have the powerful message of Galatians explode in their hearts. Why? Galatians is all about the gospel, and the gospel is something everyone needs everyday.

Galatians for You is the first in a series being published by The Good Book company out of the U.K. These books are meant to serve as a guide to understanding books of the Bible, as devotional helps, or as a leader’s guide for preaching or small group study. I’m excited about this, as it looks to be an exciting and beneficial series.

In the simplest terms, Galatians for You is a layman’s commentary of Galatians. Keller tackles a section of Galatians per chapter (the six chapters of Galatians are spread out over thirteen chapters in the book), seeking to draw out the meaning of the text. Thankfully, the contemporary application is not a tack-on at the end of each chapter; rather, applications are helpfully woven throughout the exposition. Every chapter also includes three questions for personal reflection.

Keller includes a short, but insightful introduction to Galatians, and a very handy glossary  that readers will find helpful, particularly if they are unfamiliar with Christianity in general or biblical language in particular. There is also a three-page appendix on the recent debate concerning “the new perspective” on Paul and justification. Academic types may find Keller’s solution too abbreviated, but it is a helpful explanation and the average reader will benefit from its simplicity.

As you would expect, anything produced by Tim Keller is going to have biblical, culturally-aware, gospel-centered content. Galatians for You is no different. Keller hammers home the idea that the gospel is not the ABCs of the Christian life. It is the A-Z of the Christian life. This book makes God-entranced, Bible-based, gospel-soaked material accessible to everyone in the church. Believers and nonbelievers alike will have a clearer picture of the gospel and how it affects every area of life. I highly recommend Galatians for You to you!