90 Days

I started blogging the week after the first iPhone was released.

Boy has a lot has changed in 13 years!

The goal for me has always been to process first. As I write, I learn. Ideas and experiences crystallize in my mind when the words come off the keyboard.

But I also write to share. I want people to learn with me. I’m a teacher at heart. I love to pass on and help. So I write.

I’m going to try something I’ve never done before: I’m going to post something–anything–for 90 days straight. Will I fail? Most likely.

But if I never set a goal, what’s the point?

I’ll likely post about faith, theology, culture, leadership. The stuff I normally write about.

But I’ll write about personal finance or other money matters (a huge passion of mine).

All the posts will live here on WordPress, but they’ll also be on my Medium blog. Each month, I’ll send out a newsletter via Substack with the “top 5” posts (I’m banking on there being five good ones).

So this is day 1 and I’m writing about writing.

Wish me luck.


My Top 10 Posts of 2011

Top ten lists. That is what the last week of December is for, right? I should probably get in on the action before it’s too late. Without further adieu, here are the top ten posts from this small corner of the blogosphere. Thank you all for reading. I am truly humbled.

10. Your Words Have the Power of Life and Death
9. The Result of a Depraved Mind: Practicing and Approving of Evil Deeds
8. Gospel-Centered Devotions
7. I Want to Love Jesus, Not Just Know Stuff About Him
6. Long Snapping Amazement
5. Happy Anniversary to My Wife
4. Biggest Out of Context Pet Peeve: Matthew 18:20
3. The Rob Bell Saga
2. Thoughts on Erwin McManus’s Talk at the Global Leadership Summit
1. Should We Rejoice Over Osama Bin Laden’s Death?

If you read this blog often, what was your favorite post of 2011?