God is Always Behind the Scenes.

As I read Isaiah 45:1-13, there is one, single, consistent, mind-numbing, eternity-changing, thought:

God equips, empowers, and energizes even those who do not know him as Lord and Savior in order to accomplish his majestic purposes.

I ask, “Why does he do this?” The answer comes in verses 5-6:

So that everyone, from east to west, may know that Yahweh is God, and that there is no other.

Truly our God’s mind and will is unsearchable and inscrutable.  How awesome are his ways!


God-Thoughts from Isaiah 31

This chapter tells us so many things about God.  Here’s four thoughts:

  1. God knows exactly what is going to happen in the future (vv. 8-9).  Open Theism is heretical because it puts human restrictions on a non-human God.  Open Theism says that God does not know and cannot see the future. This chapter plainly shows God telling us what will happen to Judah, Egypt, and Assyria in the coming days.  We know from the Bible and other sources that what God said did in fact come true.
  2. God allows, and even causes, his people to go through terrible times that they might repent from worshiping something other than God (vv. 6-7).  From the context of this chapter (chapters 28-33), we know that God caused the Assyrians to come and attack Judah for their sin.  Yet, even in that, God will punish Assyria for their sin of destroying God’s people and city.
  3. God fights for his people (vv. 4-5).  He is our great General who knows exactly what we are going through and how much we can handle. The greater context of the Scriptures tells us that God may not always deliver us physically, but we have hope that he will not let us be eternally destroyed.
  4. God will not let the unjust go unpunished (vv. 3, 8-9).  Egypt will perish.  Assyria will be burned.  For Judah, Egypt took the place of protector and Assyria took the place of fighter.  God’s strength will easily overtake these wicked nations to bring his people back to himself.

This chapter should cause our view of God to increase dramatically.  We should fall on our faces.  It should cause us to marvel at and trust in this all-knowing, all-powerful, all-consuming God who is fierce, yet tender, just, yet forgiving, and frightening, yet comforting.