Pastoral Ministry, Not Blogging, and a Devotional Guide

It’s been over a month since I’ve blogged and I have some ambivalence with this. I don’t like it because I like to write and, it seems, God has been gracious to use this blog to help people. A lot of news has happened in the last month that begs for pastoral commentary (e.g. Mark Driscoll, Harvest Chapel, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Robin Williams). I certainly have thoughts and may share them at some point. However, I’ve felt a strange comfort and freedom over the last 1-2 months to not write blogs. Why? My voice is small and I don’t need always need to say something. I’ve been concerned mostly with my family moving into a house and getting settled and my local church ministry in our own congregational as we had our “fall launch” like many other American evangelical churches who notice a slow period during the summer (that’s another blog post!).

But while I have not written blogs, it doesn’t mean I haven’t ben writing. I wanted to share a little eBook I put together called Make the Most of Your Devotions: A Guide to Enhance Your Bible Reading, Meditation, and PrayerThis is nothing revolutionary. It’s simply a compiling of insights I’ve gathered over the years. I would have written this if no one else reads it! But if it helps you or someone you know, too, praise God! Feel free to download and share as much as you’d like:

Make the Most of Your Devotions eBook