Monday Miscellanies: Future State

A guest post by Jonathan Edwards

897. Future State: Immortality of the Soul

They which deny that the First Cause of all things, that has regulated and disposed nature and animates the world, is properly an intelligent, voluntary agent, yet can’t deny but that it acts like one, in the highest and most perfect manner conceivable: disposing and ordering things with respect, one to another, for final causes, and in proportion and harmony and due respect to that which is future, or a good hereafter to be obtained; because this is notorious fact, in millions of instances everyday before our eyes. And if so, why may we not suppose that it will cause things to come to pass in such a regularity, proportion and harmony of events in the intelligent world, and not leave all in the utmost confusion, and to end in confusion—the evil happy, and the good miserable, the worst highest, and the best kept in subjection?