Monday Miscellanies: Planets

A guest post by Jonathan Edwards

1303. Planets

The uncertainty of their being inhabited: That some of the planets are such huge things, so vastly bigger than the globe of the earth, is no certain sign of their being inhabited. This planet we dwell upon may, nevertheless, be as it were elected to infinitely greater and more important purposes. Such an election there is with regard to the seed of plants and animals. Where there is one that is used for the purposes for which they are fitted, to produce a future plant or animal, vast multitudes are, as it were, thrown away in divine providence. Those seeds are as great a work of God, perhaps, as the bodies of Saturn or Jupiter, notwithstanding their vast bulk. The greatness of the bulk is but a shadow of greatness or importance. Nevertheless, they may [be], as it were, rejected and neglected of God, when a far lesser body may be chosen before them, as ’tis with divine election as exercised among mankind. A poor child may be infinitely more made of by God than some mighty potentate that rules over a large empire, though such a prince is like a vast, huge body in comparison with the other. But truly his greatness is but the shadow of greatness.