The Great Discovery of the Gospel

The Father peculiarly fixes [love] upon the saints; this they are immediately to [look at] in him, to receive of him, and to make such returns thereof as he is delighted withal. This is the great discovery of the gospel: for whereas the Father, as the fountain of the Deity, is not known any other way but as full of wrath, anger, and indignation against sin, nor can the sons of men have any other thoughts of him (Rom. 1:18: Isa. 33:13-14; Hab. 1:13; Ps. 5:4-6; Eph. 2:3)—here he is now revealed peculiarly as love, as full of it unto us; the manifestation whereof is the peculiar work of the gospel.

– John Owen, Communion with the Triune God, ed. by Kelly M. Kapic and Justin Taylor (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2007), 107.