A Gospel-Centered Reader

Those of you visit this blog often know that I write about the gospel a lot. To reinforce what I write, I wanted to start building a gospel-centered reader as a resource for people to find gospel-centered material. A “reader” is a compilation of shorter works on a particular subject. Most of these come from Tim Brister’s blog, but I will add to it as I find other resources. If you know of material that would be a worthy addition, please let me know.

  1. Gospel Coalition Foundation Documents
  2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration
  3. Together for the Gospel Statement (PDF)
  4. The Centrality of the Gospel – Tim Keller (PDF)
  5. The Biblical Gospel – D.A. Carson (PDF)
  6. Gospel-Driven Sanctification – Jerry Bridges (PDF)
  7. The Transforming Power of the Gospel – Steve Childers (PDF)
  8. The Gospel and the Poor – Tim Keller (PDF)
  9. Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship – Jonathan Dodson (PDF)
  10. The Gospel Centered Life – Bob Thune (study)
  11. Gospel-Centered Ministry – Tim Keller (PDF)
  12. How to Preach the Gospel to Yourself – David Fairchild (Sermon MSS)
  13. The Gospel: Key to Change – Tim Keller (PDF)
  14. God Strengthens Us by the Gospel – John Piper
  15. Advancing the Gospel in the 21st Century Part 2 – Tim Keller
  16. Gospel Christianity (1.0) (2.0) (3.0) – Tim Keller (studies)
  17. The Gospel in Its Many Forms – Tim Keller
  18. How Does the Gospel Save Believers? (Part 2Part 3) – John Piper
  19. Gospel-Centered – Joe Thorn
  20. Being the Church in Our Culture – Tim Keller (PDF)
  21. Preach the Gospel to Yourself – Tim Challies
  22. What Do I Mean by a Gospel-Driven Life? (Part 2Part 3) – John Fonville
  23. The Gospel-Driven Life – Harry Reeder III
  24. The Threefold Use of the Law – R.C. Sproul
  25. Greidanus: Six Ways to See Christ in the Old Testament – Dane Ortlund
  26. I’m Tired of Hearing “The Gospel” (Warning: Mild Rant) – Thabiti Anyabwile
  27. Death and Resurrection: The Typlogical Structure of Old Testament Redemptive History – Nicholas Batzig
  28. What is the Gospel? – 9Marks
  29. Seven Assertions Regarding Justification and Sanctification – Rick Phillips

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