The Psalms and Jesus

I am passionate about gospel-centered ministry and interpretation. Perhaps Luke 24:27 has influenced me recently more than any other verse. After Jesus’ resurrection, he is walking to Emmaus with two disciples. They are depressed because Jesus has died and they thought he was the Messiah. Jesus snaps them out of their depression and tells them that the whole Old Testament is about him. Luke writes, “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself” (24:27).

I have taken this to heart in my ministry and in how I interpret the Scriptures, especially the Old Testament. That was Jesus’ Bible and if we want to know Jesus, it’s not enough just to know the New Testament. The Old Testament is two-thirds of your Bible and we must know it and interpret it through the same lens Jesus used: himself.

The most beloved Old Testament book is Psalms, and each Psalm is “Messianic” in that it points ultimately to Jesus. Because of this, I will begin compiling and posting short Christocentric (i.e. Christ-centered) commentaries/devotions on each of the 150 Psalms. You can check back here as new posts are added (below). This page will also be available on the Past Series page.

Let us search the Scriptures and remember that they only have life in them insofar that they point us to the Lifegiver, Jesus Christ (cf. John 5:39). I pray these equip you to apply Christ and not simply look for a rule to follow or a road map during an emotional trial. Oh, that God would use these to spur you to worship and glorify his Son and in that make your joy complete.

Psalm 16
Psalm 45
Psalm 96
Psalm 101
Psalm 142
Psalm 145
Psalm 146


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  1. Thanks for starting this. I’m reading through the Psalms in my personal devotions and this looks like a great supplement to that.


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