Tim Hawkins on Noah’s Ark

If only our children’s Bible’s told the actual story.

One reply on “Tim Hawkins on Noah’s Ark”

James – I found your blog searching for an article about whether prayers can change God’s mind. Thank you for what you wrote, it was helpful.

However, I don’t think that is why God sent me to your site. My next google search was going to be on Noah’s Ark. Yesterday, I conversed with an athiest for an hour and a half, and one of his main sticking points about the bible (in particular) being fiction was Noah’s Ark. He calculated that not even one cubic inch per animal type would fit all of the different types of animals on this earth. All I said was something to the effect of “wow, that’s intersting. Maybe God created more animals after the flood?”

Ten hours ago you posted a Divinely inspired one liner about Noah’s Ark. Not a coincidence. I just prayed to our Father that you would flesh that out. Thank you for any insights you may have.


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