Happy Anniversary to My Wife

On January 16, Carly and I celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple. We spent the weekend in Kansas City. We probably could have done the same things in Omaha that we did in KC, but it was much more fun to drive for three hours together, get away from our “world,” and relax in a hotel because we didn’t have to clean up, make breakfast, or fix the bed.

It was a year filled with laughter, tears, triumphs, arguments, romantic moments, and a huge learning curve. To date, it was the best year of my life because I went through it with my best friend, my wife.  Carly, I love you more than any blog post can express. Thank you for loving Jesus, for loving me, for sharpening my character, and challenging me to be a godly man.

I don’t deserve you. That’s why I’m thankful for grace.