Blogging isn’t a top priority right now…

There’s a lot going on in life. If there was a top 5, blogging wouldn’t make the cut. Of course, I’m blogging right now, so I’m making this a priority for the next three minutes.  October has been a crazy, long month for us.

Lately, I’ve been raising support to work as a pastoral intern at our church. You can read more about that here. Things are steady with the fundraising, but it is hard to find time and energy some weeks. Two weeks ago, I found out my job with the State of Nebraska is in jeopardy. The State is initiating a layoff plan, and I am not so high on the seniority list.  Because of this I’ve been preparing by looking and applying for new jobs. Lastly, Carly and I are moving soon (a complete blessing).

Whew. Talk about a whirlwind month. Would you pray for us?

God is still glorious and majestic. I want to see and experience him for all he is. Everyday.


One response to “Blogging isn’t a top priority right now…”

  1. Brother I will pray for you!


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