GIVEAWAY: Win a Free Copy of The Mysterious Islands

I’m giving away a copy of the DVD documentary The Mysterious Islands. In my previous post, I reviewed film, so if you haven’t had a chance to read the review, please do so!

Here are ten ways you can enter into the drawing (you only have to do ONE):

1.  Re-Tweet this (or post on Facebook and tag my name if you aren’t on Twitter).
2.  Follow me on Twitter.

For the rest, leave a comment on this post telling me what you did:

3.  Subscribe to Beneath the Cross via RSS or Email.
4.  Give your husband or wife a kiss.
5.  Buy someone a meal.
6.  Sit next to someone at church without leaving five seats in between.
7.  Don’t yell at anyone in another vehicle today while you are driving.
8.  Memorize a Bible verse.
9.  Do something nice for someone.
10.  Get that “thing” done you’ve been saying you’ll get done.

On Friday, October 8, I will draw from the combined pool of those who re-Tweeted this giveaway, posted it to Facebook, followed me on Twitter, and commented here.

6 replies on “GIVEAWAY: Win a Free Copy of The Mysterious Islands”

If I win, I want the copy to go to my dad, a noted agnostic. Maybe this will be what God uses to save him.


-ok so if i had a wife i would kiss her
-i live in africa so you know i buy meals for people
-i sat next to someone at church today from Malawi
-i heart you

it was this month one year ago when i met you so after watching this trailer(alot of megabytes btw to watch!) i wish to win this contest.

check you soon bro!


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