Why is a written Bible is so helpful?

I’m thankful for a written revelation of God’s plan for the world for many reasons.  One of them happens to be that it is objective and plainly observable. That is, it’s not something that’s vague and subject to man’s ever-changing mind and personality.

Think about this: if we could simply close our eyes and wait for God to speak, there’s no telling what we would come up with. Our minds would wander (just think about the last time you prayed).  Our feelings would wax and wane from joy to despair and everywhere in between.  And our circumstances would probably overwhelm or underwhelm us. So if someone were to come to me and say, “Here’s the word of God,” after engaging in some kind of contemplative spiritual meditation exercise, there would be no way for me to be absolutely sure God spoke to them.

Thankfully, the Bible is not subject to our imaginations, emotions, or circumstances.  Because the Bible is written down, in language that we can read, we can open up the book and examine the text. And that is the key: the text.  The text cannot say what it doesn’t say and it cannot not say what it does say.

That’s an awesome thing.  Praise God for his word — the word that is perfect, just, and altogether righteous.

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“Praise God for his word — the word that is perfect, just, and altogether righteous.” I do and just did once again – thank you Lord for your written word to us, your dear children!


I agree with this post man. We gotta get simple in our thanks. the Living Word is just an amazing revelation of truth and love. I thank God alongside you tonight bro for this most amazing picture of who He is….his word


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