Is this week the greatest week in the history of college sports/football?

Today was big. I mean, really big.  This week could possibly go down as one of the greatest days in college athletics. And if you, like me, are a Nebraska athletics fan, then you will probably agree.

Today, the University of Colorado Buffaloes announced they will be joining the Pacific 10 conference. This will get the ball rolling on the dismantling of the hapless Big 12.  Boulder, where CU is located, fits a lot better with L.A., Berkley, Seattle, and Eugene than it does with Lincoln, Ames, Manhattan, and Stillwater, mainly due to cultural leanings.  I wish the Buffs the best and I won’t miss Nebraska playing them after Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents is expected to announce that the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Cornhuskers will apply to become a member of the 114 year-old, prestigious Big Ten conference.  Nebraska — the so-called “linchpin” of the conference — will finish the dismantling of the Big 12 to the Little 10. Nebraska will not only get millions of dollars for athletics because of the Big Ten Network, but they will receive millions more for research and academics. All around, Nebraska is getting a once-in-a-lifetime deal. When the Big Ten comes a calling, you can’t say, “No, thanks, but we like being in the Big Tex…uh, I mean, Big 12.”

If you want to relive some old Big 8/12 moments, the Omaha World Herald has put together a montage.  Consider it like an illustrated eulogy for Nebraska.

Finally (and maybe the best), today it was announced by the NCAA that the University of Southern California will face sanctions because of improper benefits given to athletes Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo. They will be forced to forgo two postseason bowl appearances, and might even have to forfeit their 2004-2005 National Championship. More answers will come soon. Former USC coach Pete Carroll made this YouTube video.  He said he was never aware of anything illegal going on while he was at USC: