Christianity and Arts and Entertainment

On May 2nd, I will be giving a Sunday School lesson on Christian worldview intersecting the world of entertainment.  In the days leading up to that, I want to focus some time on that very issue.  To start us off, here something I read on Justin Taylor’s blog today about Adam Young of Owl City fame (he wrote and sings the “Fireflies” song on pop radio).

I admit I hadn’t heard of Adam Young and Owl City. His song “Fireflies” (from the album Ocean Eyes) is a big pop hit. (Video below.)

It turns out that Adam is a mature Christian. An encouraging excerpt from an interview with CT:

When did you become a Christian?

I grew up in a Christian home, with the most wonderful parents a kid could ever ask for. I came to know the Lord in middle school after hearing a testimony at church. From then on, I’ve just wanted to serve Christ in every way I know how, music being the only thing I’ve ever considered myself any “good” at. I guess my whole message or goal of this whole operation is to bring glory to Jesus Christ by all that I do and say, not just as it relates to Owl City, but in all areas of my life.

Do you want to be thought of as a “Christian musician”?

It’s up to you, honestly. It’s not my place say what people should think of me as. Actions should speak for that. I follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly, so any definition that arises from that fact is all right with me. The same goes for Owl City. I am a Christian in a band. Is it a Christian band then? That’s up to those who ask that question.

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I absolutely love this band and I own the most current album by “Owl City”. If you have a chance listen to the whole thing. One of the best songs on the album that reflects what you are talking about in this blog is “Meteor Shower”. I have not heard a song in a long time that made my heart soar.


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