John Piper on Rick Warren

Last week, we found out that John Piper invited Rick Warren to speak at the Desiring God National Conference this October. Many Christians are barking at Piper saying he is now a heretic. For the record, I like Rick Warren. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Here’s a 9 minute video of Piper talking about a phone conversation he had with Warren. In the video he talks about a number of things:  Warren’s theology; his hope for the young, restless Reformed crowd (like me and many of you who read this blog); his expectation of a Q & A with Warren at the conference; and what Warren has to offer the body of Christ.

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James, I usually if not always appreciate your deep thinking and posts. This time I have to disagree. Having seen Warren and read some over the years, I am afraid he doesn’t have anything to offer the body of Christ. I love Piper, and have to accept that the is a man with feet of clay and is not infallible. Sometimes not being cutting edge is more wiser than walkng along the edge.


Hey Gregg, no shame in disagreeing with me on this one. I’m excited to see what Warren has to say. Lord willing, I’m going to try to go to the DG conference (long shot, but maybe).

If you don’t already, you should subscribe to Warren’s Tweets. They are very biblical and Christ-centered. I think you’ll be encouraged by them.


I would say everything that is being talked about is nothing short of compromise in rebellion against God. If you believe something and preach with a world wide ministry-would never justify what you believe in stating what you agree with certain doctrines.

If you believe in repentance, you would never have to answer if you believe in repentance unless someone never heard your sermons or books you wrote.

This whole thing of seperatism-when Brian McLaren slanders funamentalism and Rick Warren does this also. I believe what comes out of the mouth is what is in the mind and heart. Associations is everything and approving of McLaren and asking him to speak at your church is a bad thing.

Old liberalism? Who did Torrey, Meachem, Spurgeon,Barr, Morgan, Orr, Warfield, and countless more oppose? Unitarianism, denial of the bible, deny the cross of Christ for salvation exclusively through Christ among many other things is what both modernism and postmodernism in emergent church stand against and while also uniting with Unitarians and occult practices in both mvements and let the main spokesman for this current edition of apostasy in American churches speak at your church? I think old fasioned fundamentalism seperation from those who preach false doctrine and those associated with them is the order of the day.

When Paul writes that we must mark those who do not carry oiur doctrine and have nothing to do with them, I doubt Warren even believes this is valid for today.


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