Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens is the author of The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith.  He is also the brother of Christopher Hitchens, the outspoken atheist who appeared in the documentary Collision with Pastor Douglas Wilson.   He tells his story here.

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One response to “Peter Hitchens”

  1. Hi, I am from Australia.
    One of the tragedies of this day is that so much importance is placed on the ideas of very mediocre people, especially when they write books about “God” or “The Return of God” or how they re-discovered “God”.

    Has Peter really re-discovered Real God?

    Or has he returned to the consoling mommy-daddy santa claus good-luck “god” of his child-hood?

    There is no hint whatsoever of a Spiritually informed religious consciousness in either Peters book or in anything that he writes in his blog or his newspaper columns.

    Plus look at the company he keeps altogether. Not a trace of a Spiritually informed religious consciousness to be found amongst any of his right-thinking associates.


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