Sermon 11: Connecting the Dots Between Justification and Sanctification

Connecting the Dots Between Justification and Sanctification
Series: Redemption
Pastor Tim Wiebe

Romans 6:1-23

  • The more we appreciate justification, the greater desire we will have to live a godly life.
  • Justification unites us to God.  Christ’s death has purchased this, and somehow we have mysteriously died with Christ.
  • We died with Christ.  If we have died with him, we have been purchased by him and now have the ability to live a new life.  Because we are justified by God, we can live a holy life.  We do not live a holy life in order to be justified by God.
  • Our loyalty has changed.  We no longer are slaves to sin, we are slaves to Christ.
    • Slavery in the first century was more like voluntarily being owned by someone else rather than forced labor.
    • People don’t think slavery exists any longer today.  But if we look at our credit card statements and how you spend your time, it will tell others what you are a slave to.  Ask yourself what commands your attention and affection and you will find your idols.
    • Romans 6:23 is the “Twitter version” of the gospel.
  • So many Christians become susceptible to “plateau Christianity.”  There might not be any big dives in your spiritual walk, but there aren’t any spikes either.  Are you loving the doctrine of justification?  Are you trusting the Lord for your sanctification?
  • Ask yourself: Is there a disconnect between my view of justification and how I pursue sanctification?
  • Sanctification is not about ramping up enough self-effort to do it on your own.  It’s about grace-motivated obedience.
  • This passage alludes greatly to baptism.  Are you dead to sin?  If so, are you baptized?  Ask yourself: If I’m already dead to sin, what is preventing me from identifying with Christ through baptism?