China Daily reports on a student’s conversion

China Daily, China’s official English newspaper, ran a short article yesterday about a college student’s conversion to Jesus.

This is pretty amazing, given the fact that China is still a communist nation, and the newspaper is government owned.  Even though persecution exists there, this story shows that God is most definitely working in China.  Let’s be praying for this nation!


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  1. Very awesome article! Thanks for sharing!


  2. There are MANY churches in china including Christian churches and Catholics churches. All those Christians can go to church and share their beliefs publicly without fear, but with one requirement: you participate a registered church which is financially and administratively independent of foreign church. Chinese churches are found, funded and lead by Chinese to minimized the possibility of foreign intervention through religion. You may hear the same name of the churches in China such as baptist or Catholics, but they have little to do with the headquarter in the west when it comes to decision making.

    “secret meetings” consist of many different groups. Some may indeed “criminal groups disguised as Christian house churches holding secret meetings and committing rape, murder and fraud”, Some are foreign-supported churches who refused to register on the Christian Committee and breaks their foreign bonds. See more on wiki

    Thats why Chinese Christians are often reported by churches in the west being prosecuted in English speaking country, as if ALL Christians are poorly treated. Churches in the west won’t tell you about the rapid growth of TSPM Churches either, as western churches are trying to get support as well.

    Paradoxically if your church go to register at TSPM, you receive less censorship then underground churches. This is because the main censorship are not generated from Zhongyang(literally the center,means the central government), but from government of the province or of the city. Those officials, (especially polices) are worried that these underground churches may make trouble for them. If issues arise, it means that the governor is not doing well, and it will give a bad name for the governor and further possibly affect his career. In an effort to prepare for a possible trouble, extra censorship are applied to those possible trouble makers. On the other hand, if the church is registered, the governor wouldn’t care less, because this organization is not only “boss-approved”, but also “boss’s boss’s boss-approved”. It is not his fault when things go wrong.

    As a result, media promote successful Christian’s story, and imply that secret meeting are not legitimate, bad, shady, possibly criminal in nature. Also, many Chinese people genuinely believe that they do have religious freedom, and are pissed by foreign accusation. Even if they are told about the prosecution, they’d think those people are shady in nature, otherwise they will come out to live under the sun. Even EVEN if they know the entire story, they’d say ” we are worshiping the same God, it doesn’t matter what churches I am in and how the administration operate.”

    Source: me, a young Chinese in Hong Kong who had visited a underground foreign-supported church in mainland, as a volunteer of the foreign church. yes, church in HK is also consider foreign as it is a branch of US-based church.


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