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Confessions of an Average Blogger

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging.  Right now, I hate it. Lately, I don’t want to read blogs or write them.  In a word, blogging has been a chore.  The whole process makes me frustrated.  Maybe it’s “writer’s block.”  Maybe it’s the winter blues.  Maybe it’s something else.  I don’t know.

Whatever the case, I feel like in the “theo blogosphere” there’s always pressure to write something insightful, challenging, and inspirational weekly, or even daily.  Like I have to stay on par with the other Christian blogs.  It’s the 21st century Christian way of keeping up with the Joneses.  I get sucked into it.  People comment on the blog.  My stats are up.  I get linked on other sites.  I’m on the “Top 100” blogs list for the day.  My head gets a little puffed up and it’s hard to keep it up long enough to write a short post.

I don’t want to be like that.  And I’m sorry when I am.  I want to write because I love it, because it refreshes me, and because it’s a blessing from God.  I write much more in journals, notebooks, and in the corners of my mind that only God will see than what goes on this blog.  Those don’t have big stats or comments from readers.  They aren’t visible or accessible to anyone.  It’s just raw, honest, straightforward words.

I want this place to be like that too.

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“I write much more in journals, notebooks, and in the corners of my mind that only God will see than what goes on this blog.”

I know the feeling, and I think you’re on the right track with only wanting to write when you “love it”. For me, it’s so much more fun when I get those bursts of inspiration or when i stumble across some “linch pin” ties together various perspectives or idea’s that I’m contemplating.

“It’s just raw, honest, straightforward words.”

Good for you! Country music is said to be based on three chords and the truth! When you’re talking about whats true, you don’t need the razzle/dazzle to reach people.


Thanks for your “congrats!” I know how you feel. Sometimes teaching every week can sometimes make the sacred “seem” mundane. You have great insight and I love reading your posts. I hope they are not to far apart. I trust God will bless you richly.


That.s all I would like to see. Keep it honest n keep it real as The LORD / Spirit leads.
No preasure keep it a pleasure. entrust it to GOD brother. It is not about you or your ability, it’s about Him and he will give you insight as to what he wants. Any message great or small, God will use it to bless others. A simple truth can often be very deep to the reader who God wants to reveal it to. Be at peace, trust it to the Lord. Amen!


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