James Cameron Has Nothing on the True Beauty Creator

From World Magazine:

But what about those tentacle-like extensions Pandorans have that allow them to forge spiritual bonds with every other living thing on their planet? Wouldn’t that be cool? It would—and we have something even better. It’s called image-bearing: God breathing His own life into humanity and setting men and women apart from the rest of His creatures. Instead of identifying with creation, we identify with the Creator (consciously or not), which allows us to create in turn—even extravagant fantasies like Avatar.

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2 replies on “James Cameron Has Nothing on the True Beauty Creator”

What did you think of the movie? I thought it was amazing special effects (so much so, that I forgot I was watching blue people), but that the story-line was the same as that of Pocahontas, which made it very predictable. Yet, the movie did it’s job to entertain me.


The special effects were good, but the 3D was not everything I thought it would be. The story line was average, at best. I don’t think it should be up for Best Picture–not at all.


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