Blogging My Church’s Sermons (Sermon 1)

Carly and I go to an Evangelical Free church here in Omaha called Brookside.  I’m going to try to blog the notes I take from each Sunday’s sermon.  There won’t be any real format, and this is mostly for me personally to reflect on what I heard the day before.  Hopefully, though, it will be beneficial to you as well.

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Can Faith and Science Co-Exist?
Series: Debated: Answering Hard Questions about Christianity
Pastor Steve Moltumyr

  • Genesis 1-2 has little to do with the science of how the universe was created, and more to do with who created the universe.  These chapters also have to do with Moses fighting against the theological heresy of polytheism which was so prevalent in his day.
  • Genesis 1-2 was written as poetry, not history, and the word “day” could mean 12 or 24 hour periods, or even “ages.”  There is no reason for Christians to fight over this, because the Bible is clear that God is the one who created everything, even if it’s unclear on how he did it.
  • Two reasons for why people think faith and science cannot co-exist:
  1. Christians can misunderstand certain parts of the Bible (such with Galileo and Psalm 104:5).
  2. Scientists often state theories as facts.
  • Two reasons science strengthens our faith:
  1. The origins of the universe.  This leads us to believe in a personal God (see Ps. 19:1-4; 102:25).  There is no answer for the origins of the universe except for the belief in the God of the Bible.
  2. The Anthropic Principle. This is the collective name for several ways of asserting that the observations of our physical universe must be compatible with the life observed in it.  This principle informs us that the conditions for life are exactly right on earth and no where else.  It helps us understand that it took purpose, not chance, for the “Goldilocks” principle — the name for the fact that the earth is perfectly distanced from the sun and moon to give it the right conditions for warmth, cooling, gravitational pull, etc.  Finally, it informs us of the “strong force,” which is the name for the .007 conversion rate from hydrogen to helium.  Life could not exist if it was either higher or lower.  It must have taken a personal, powerful, wise, creative God to make all of this happen so perfectly.
  • Jesus is the one who sat with the Father and spoke the universe into existence (Col. 1:15-17).