Preaching This Sunday on The Gospel and Suffering

This past week a pastor that works at Beam Development Center kindly asked if I would be willing to preach at his church before I leave for home.  I graciously accepted.  I’ll be speaking there this Sunday, October 25 at 10am (3am American Central Time).

I’ll be preaching from Romans 5:1-5.  The title will be “The Gospel and Suffering.”  The health and wealth mindset reigns down here, and I would miss a great opportunity if I didn’t try to dispel this false teaching by speaking on what the Bible really says about God’s sovereignty and suffering.  As you finish reading this post, please take a minute to pray for these things:

  • That God would say “Let light shine!” and that the blinding work of the devil would be overcome so that people would see Jesus and believe the gospel (2 Cor. 4:4-6).
  • That God would work mightily so that the demonic “prosperity (false) gospel” would be exposed.  It is held tightly by so many poor, black, African congregations.  I want to preach “Christ and him crucified” and not a gospel of comfort and convenience.
  • That God would speak clearly through me and the pastor, Ludwig, who will be translating my message.  It doesn’t take a linguistic expert to know that speaking with a translator is never easy.  And no matter what your view on speaking in tongues is, no one can deny that, in fact, I’ll be speaking in a tongue (American English) and Ludwig will be interpreting my message to the congregation’s native tongue (Tswana).  We know that the Bible says this is difficult and so we should pray for power to interpret (1 Cor. 14:13).  Pray for clear, powerful, Christ-centered exaltation of the word of God.

Thank you!