What Justification by Faith Says About God

I’ve been studying justification by faith for the past couple weeks.  I’m sure there are many other things, but as I studied Galatians 2 and 3, I thought of ten things that this doctrine says about God:

  1. He wants all the glory in the universe for himself.
  2. He wants man to be saved by faith so that they have no reason for boasting.
  3. He wants man to praise him for his promise and for his faithfulness in keeping it.
  4. He is sovereign and just in that he declares some righteous and some unrighteous.
  5. He is good in providing ill-deserving sinners any way to be holy before him.
  6. He has a perfect plan that is totally counter-intuitive to anything humans would think up.
  7. He has a reason for the law, even though some would say it contradicts his promises.
  8. He takes initiative in that he came to become a curse himself so that people might be redeemed.
  9. He desires that all nations come to worship him, not just one nation, in order that they might be a new humanity.
  10. He desires that his Son be the centerpiece of this new humanity.

Any others?


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