Four Reasons I Tweet

This past week I’ve been experimenting with Twitter.  I’m going to continue with it — for these reasons (in no particular order):

  1. It can help with overcoming verbosity (which I often struggle with).
  2. It helps me quickly reflect on what God brings to my mind as the days goes on.
  3. I want to do my part to redeem social media by making it as Christ-exalting and Bible-saturated as I possibly can.
  4. Everything created by God is good (even Twitter), and nothing is to be rejected if it’s received with thanksgiving (1 Tim. 4:4).

My Twitter motto is, “Don’t waste your Tweet.”  In other words, you won’t find me writing about how I’m looking for that black sock I lost in the laundry yesterday.  It’s going to be God-centered, thought-provoking, and creative.

So, if you are desperate to find out what’s going on in my world throughout the day, you can now follow me on Twitter.