Happy Holiday, I’ll be Back in a Few Weeks

For the next three weeks I’ll be on holiday (as my South African friends would say).  Later tonight, I’ll start a 36-hour journey back to Nebraska.

Carly and I will get to spend some much-desired time together.  I’m super pumped about this, if you couldn’t guess.  We haven’t seen each other since January 6.  It has been a hard, yet joyous 5+ months apart, and such a learning experience.  It’s going to be a delight to see her.  Also, my sister gets married on June 27, and I am the best man in my friend Matt Meschke’s wedding on July 3.

I’m going to take these weeks away from blogging.  (Please, hold your tears.)  For you three faithful readers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that I have a couple friends who will be posting from time to time in my absence.  Let me introduce them to you.

  • Jordan Esmay studies ELED at the University of South Dakota.  He’s from the booming metropolis of Murdo, South Dakota, and he is married to Julie.  Jordan loves dancing and reading, and he is a fan of St. Augustine and Mike Huckabee.
  • Andrew Reiners graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a business administration degree.  He currently works as a family assistant with Owens Associates in the greater Lincoln area.  Andrew loves coffeehouses, Alaska, and rap music, and he’s passionate about not wasting his life.

I hope you find their posts edifying, inspiring, and good for a laugh.  Lord willing, I’ll be back sometime around July 8.


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In 1937, Murdo was the largest town from Chamberlain to Rapid City…of course or population hasn’t changed much since then.


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