The Point of Doctrine is Worship

If doctrine is not devotional, and consequently not practical, then it leads to cold, legalistic, head knowledge.  That’s never transformed anyone’s life to Christ-likeness.

In his commentary on Titus 1:1, Calvin wrote, “The only lawful commendation of doctrine is this, that it instructs us to fear God and to bow before him with reverence.”

The point of doctrine is that you might know God and worship him in spirit and truth.  Every other kind of doctrine is pointless.

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One reply on “The Point of Doctrine is Worship”

It’s funny in a sad way that I find so much of what you say to agree with, and yet it seems we’ll always end up so far apart based on the one point of Jesus being necessary vs. sufficient. I’d still like to see that long answer, to why Jesus is necessary.


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