Life Theology

The Christian Life is All of Grace

In 1 Timothy 1:11-17, Paul uses some key vocabulary to make it unmistakeably plain to the reader that the Christian life, and its service, is all of grace and none of personal merit.  The gospel-centered life is all about Christ.  We decrease as we make Christ look great.  Listen to Paul.  He writes:

  • That he has been entrusted with the gospel (v. 11).
  • God has given him strength and appointed him to service (v. 12).
  • That he has received mercy (vv. 13, 16)
  • The grace of the Lord has overflowed for him (v. 14).
  • He has faith and love in Christ (v. 14).
  • That Jesus came to save helpless sinners (v. 15).
  • That he received mercy so that Jesus might display perfect patience (v. 16).
  • That all honor and glory belongs to “the king of ages, immortal, invisible, the only God” (v. 17).

The Christian life is all of grace.  Let us love and serve and teach and correct by God’s grace.  When this happens, we show Jesus to be the most supremely valuable treasure in the universe.